The Claims Group > FAQ’s

Q. Are your services limited to homeowners only?
A. No, we are able to assist both domestic and commercial property owners.

Q. Are your services limited to buildings claims only or can you also consider contents claims and
other related losses?
A. Our loss assessors may be able to provide additional assistance with non-building related claims.

Q. Will I be regularly updated?
A. Yes, of course, this is something our loss assessors will agree with you when assessing your claim.

Q. Will my claim be affected or withdrawn if we seek your assistance?
A. you are entitled to seek professional advice in relation to your claim and our involvement is
unlikely to have any detrimental effect and if anything we believe will have a positive effect on your
claim settlement.

Q. Can my insurers or their agents refuse to communicate with you?
A. if you authorise us to act on your behalf, there is no reason we can think of why your insurers
would be able to refuse to communicate with us.

Q. Can I ask you and your loss assessors to take over communications and discussions with my
insurers and their agents?
A. Yes, no problem.

Q. Will your involvement reduce the value of my claim and or any settlement offers already made?
A. No, our loss assessors will only charge a fee if they are able to improve any settlement offers
which have been made.

Q. Can I cancel your involvement at any time?
A. Yes of course, although we hope there will be no need to do so.

Q. Are you able to arrange necessary building repair works?
A. Our loss assessors will discuss this with you and provide assistance where required.