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If you’ve had a problematic claim within the last 6 years and feel you weren’t treated fairly by your insurer, we can help you get what you are rightfully entitled to.

If your claim was both valid and credible and exceeds £2,000 in value, complete the form and we will review your circumstances.

No-win no-fee.
If your situation has merit and the loss assessor is able to improve the settlement value of your claim, their services will be on a no-win no-fee basis so you have the reassurance there is no financial cost to you if your claim value cannot be improved.

Whilst an insurance policy is a legally binding contract between the insurer and the Policyholder, it is also a promise to pay for loss or damage which results from specific unforeseen or uncontrollable events, known as Insured Perils. For example, storm, flood, fire and subsidence damage.
Buildings insurance for your home or property is essential and indeed mandatory for anyone with a mortgage. For most people, their home and property is the most important and valuable asset which they will own in their lifetime and it is therefore important to protect your investment.
Most insurance companies in the UK provide buildings insurance and like most businesses, they are looking to make a profit and return for their shareholders and investors. Claims are by far the biggest financial cost for an insurer and it is no surprise they will always be looking for ways to reduce their claims costs.

Most insurers employ their own claims handlers or loss adjusters to settle claims and neither are independent and impartial and are often incentivised to decline and/or minimise claim settlement costs even if this appears completely unfair and unreasonable to the insured party.

We have over 25 years of unrivalled experience of buildings insurance matters for home and businesses, having worked with insurers and their claims handlers and loss adjusters.

We therefore know about their often sharp and unfair practices and the effects this has on property owners who do not know where to turn for advice and have the time and energy to fight for a fair claim settlement which is what they are entitled.

We take up the fight for insured people who have been unfairly treated and use our expertise and experience to get a fair and reasonable settlement.

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